Mauritius National Budget Highlights 2018/2019

The 2018/19 budget, themed Pursuing our Transformative Journey, reiterates the Government’s desire and willingness to devise strategies in order to achieve its objective of graduating to a high-income economy, which revolves around defined priorities, namely, economic prosperity, social harmony and environmental sustainability.

The Budget identifies 7 key areas of action for this transformative journey, namely:

  • youth
  • innovation
  • import substitution industry and revival of export-led production.
  • strategic and modern infrastructure
  • protection and enhancement of our environment.
  • standard and quality of life of the population
  • an inclusive and caring society

Indeed, the measures in the budget put the welfare and the quality of life of the population at the forefront of the development agenda and ensure that each and everyone benefits from output growth. For that to happen, it is essential that the appropriate mechanisms and instruments are established, and that timely opportunities are created.

Therefore, the budget first provides several measures to consolidate economic fundamentals and address latent structural issues that have mired the emergence of an economy that is easily adaptable to ever-changing global conditions. Indeed, it is widely recognized that there are infrastructural, administrative, legal and talent gaps that are hindering the optimization of resources. A swift implementation of the measures in the budget can eliminate wastage and inefficiencies, bridge resource gaps and push our production possibility frontier further.